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Our Choirs


Pre-K - 2nd


The Tyros, for PreK through second grade, offers engaging 60-minute music lessons introducing foundational musical concepts. Singers learn about their voice, posture, vowels, and basic rhythm and melody through listening exercises, visuals, movement, games, and introduction to musical notation. The Kodaly curriculum guides exploration in three areas:


Melodic – Developing pitch matching skills individually and in groups.


Rhythmic – Feeling steady beats and recognizing rhythms in 2s and 3s.


Expression – Exploring emotional responses to music.


Singers attend weekly group sessions and perform in two concerts annually (Fall and Spring). No audition required. Limited space available.


3rd - 5th

Singers in third, fourth, and fifth grade sing in the Ensemble. Singers in Ensemble develop their musicianship through singing games, note-reading activities, and by focusing on traditional performance repertoire. Additionally, singers have opportunities to develop their leadership skills through small group activities all while participating in a safe learning environment where all are welcome.


Students in Ensemble rehearse once per week for approximately 90 minutes, and perform in two concerts per year. 

Chorus & Bel Canto

6th - 12th+

Our Chorus & Bel Canto choir offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for young vocalists. Under the direction of Mr. McAllister, our singers develop strong vocal technique, healthy breath control, and a beautiful tone. We make learning music theory fun, giving you the tools to tackle any piece with confidence. Our diverse repertoire spans genres and cultures, from classical masterpieces to contemporary hits, ensuring you'll discover new musical favorites and continually challenge your vocal skills.


Beyond musical development, choir fosters a supportive and encouraging environment where you'll build lasting friendships with fellow singers and experience the joy of creating music together. No prior experience is necessary – we welcome all voices!

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